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Residential building includes all buildings intended for private occupancy whether on a permanent basis or not.
Dwellings are divided into the following types: single-family, mobile, cottage, semi-detached, row house and apartment building.

Inhabitants can either be a family, single, a couple, roommates or even a group.
A residential building has basically:

- A living room/space
- A sleeping room(bedroom)/space
- Conveniences (as in toilet and bath)
- Cooking room/area (kitchen)

All of these functions can either be in shared rooms or spaces or have exclusive rooms per function. This depends on the type of residential building it is.
Some types of residential buildings include:


1. Duplex. 

A residential building unit on two floors with connected by stair often with one main entrance on the ground floor.


2. Terraced-house. 

Terraced or terrace house (UK) or townhouse (US) exhibits a style of medium-density housing that originated in Europe in the 16th century, where a row of identical or mirror-image houses share side walls. They are also known in some areas as row houses(especially in New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington).


3. Storey Building. 

A residential building of two units in two or more floors, each unit with its own main entrance.


4. Semi-detached building. 

A semi-detached house is a single family dwelling house built as one of a pair that share one common wall. Often, each house's layout is a mirror image of the other.


5. Apartment buildings

This criterion characterizes the house as a free-standing building. This is one of the differences between an individual residential building, on the one hand, from blocked houses (apartments are located in blocks), on the other hand, from multi-level apartments in multi-apartment buildings.


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