From student residences and teaching facilities to cultural facilities and chiildcare centres, hotels, institutinal progect and build with durability are longevity in mind.
Orbis Group’s success is based on strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Orbis Group recognizes that all participants in the development process from capital providers and homebuyers, to employees, contractors and suppliers expect to receive consistent treatment recognized as honest, forthright and upstanding. It is through fair and honest dealings in the value-added chain that Orbis Group’s can help all participants achieve their goals.



Design, construction, reconstruction and repair of educational institutions of any type - this is one of our core areas.

Activities for the design and construction of universities, schools, kindergartens, training and educational centers should take into account all the nuances that affect the cost and construction time, as well as the comfort and safety of an educational institution.

To reduce operating costs in the future, we find optimal energy efficient solutions.


The construction of any educational institution: kindergarten, school, boarding school or university involves several stages. The initial planning of a building begins with a draft design. Projects of educational institutions are regulated by the norms of SNiP, SanPin, GOST, as well as local norms of urban planning. Already at this stage, we will clearly represent the rational use of each square meter of the building, taking into account the peculiarities of the climate, landscape and the specifics of the institution.

A draft design is necessary not only for the construction of new buildings, but also for the reconstruction of existing ones.
After the approval of the draft design, it is necessary to make architectural decisions. At the stage of architectural design, all points related to comfortable work and learning are determined. The design concept and color solutions are selected, the zoning of the premises, the functional load are thought out, the choice of building and finishing materials is justified.

At the stage of constructive solutions, we determine the size and depth of the foundation, calculate the strength of structures and floors, etc. This stage is designed to ensure the safe operation of the building and speed up construction work.

After the development of an engineering project, which takes into account all the aspects of the selection and installation of life support systems for buildings, the process of approving documents in state and supervisory authorities is underway.
Our company will significantly speed up the design process of educational institutions and coordinate all the necessary permits in the relevant authorities.




The construction of a university or school requires increased responsibility. The Corporation of Masters provides a comfortable and safe process for each of its participants. We take into account all the norms and requirements of state supervisory authorities and monitor changes in the field in order to organize this documentation in a short time.
We are engaged in design, construction, universities, turnkey kindergartens. The professionals of our company develop an individual design for each room. It is important to take into account the insolation norms for the rational placement of premises.

Cooperation with educational institutions, schools, will give you a guarantee of well-designed projects and, as a result, safe and comfortable buildings with acceptable operating costs.

We optimize costs at every stage.


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