Design assist of facade systems

Design assist of facade systems

In a perfect design-assist project, we start early in the design process, working with your project team – the owner, architects, and construction managers – to clarify the project’s intent and establish criteria for performance, system type and aesthetics.

But we realize not every project can start out like that.

Wherever you happen to be in your project’s development, there is a way we can help. The following is a list of beneficial design-assist services Orbis Group can bring to your current or future projects:

  • Developing a constructability review of your specified system to ensure it’s cost effective and energy efficient

  • Providing component concepts to maintain or enhance the architectural design and performance

  • Preparing accurate cost comparisons of exterior façade systems and architectural materials

  • Assisting with value management options (panel type, material, gauge, finish and attachment methods)

  • Producing shop drawings with Autodesk software with 3D modelling and building information modeling (BIM) capabilities

  • Conducting a thorough project site review to provide you with a complete means and methods plan, including equipment access and any loading imposed on the project

  • Providing a complete project schedule, including sequence of work and critical path items



Why Partner Early in Design?

We’re committed to quality on every project Orbis Group is involved in. Our team can help you successfully apply your specified system, or help you find similar systems during the design phase to meet your project’s budget. The key is to identify the right system early in your process -- to help you be as efficient as possible and save you design time.

Throughout our process, we’ll help you find opportunities to simplify backup systems or attachment methods, identify similar materials, always with the goal to avoid sacrificing quality.

Partnering with us at the earliest stages of your project, is your best opportunity to leverage our knowledge and understanding of the design process.

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